Trends in Retail

Week Seven – Wednesday 23rd November

This week, we learned about visual observation and researching the retail environment. In regards to the trend I am attempting to focus on, I found a few of the concepts particularly relevant.

One of these was ‘Collective Intelligence’, which involves crowd-sourced wisdom. This is a popular trend in retail, due to consumers feeling as if they should dictate more of the retail environment.

Another one which particularly stood out to me was ‘Conscious Consumerism. This focuses on ethical and moral brand qualities, and the way in which these values can be implemented in a retail environment. Due to the rise in technology being used in the fashion industry, consumers have begun to expect more from the retail experience, and similarly the brand itself. Cash-strapped or time-poor consumers have a want and expectation for the brand to do more and be more.

Finally, another concept I thought might be relevant to my research is ‘Instagrammable VM’ – if sustainable fashion or ‘Conscious Consumerism’ can manage to overlap into ‘Instagrammable VM’, it would be a useful marketing tool?

For my retail safari activity, the most interesting example of the retail environment combining these elements together was at the Topshop store in Oxford Circus.

Topshop have installed a concession pop-up for jewellery brand Littlesmith in their store. COUNTER - 0614-Aberrant-Littlesmith-Hi-079.jpg

Littlesmith creates personalised, handcrafted jewellery made from sustainable material. To create the retail space, recycled materials were utilised, as well as interactive displays. Raw materials, alongside natural greenery have been utilised to further emphasise the natural space. When I did further research into this pop up, I found out that it was the most successful Topshop concession store and has now been made into a full time venture.

This shows that when done well, there is a space for sustainability in the market.


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