WIRED Retail Event

Week 6 – Wednesday 16th of November

On Wednesday the 16th of November, we attended the WIRED Retail Event at the British Museum.

15417810_10209007000465896_978428065_o.jpgWIRED Retail VIP Invite.jpg

People from all over the world attended and spoke at the event. It looked at logistics in a new way – delivering retail in a completely different manner.

Among the most interesting speakers was Filipa Neto, from the company Chic By Choice.


Chic By Choice is an online dress rental website for women, which allows women to go online, choose a dress to wear at 85% less than the retail price and have it delivered. The dress is then returned after it has been worn – ready for someone else to wear it again.

I found this particularly interesting, as I have been looking into sustainability and upcycling as a potential macro trend to focus on. This company uses the focus that millennials have on saving money where they can, but also being aware of what impact their clothes are having on the planet.

The WIRED retail conference was able to highlight a lot of the wider factors that affect the retail environment. I had no idea the importance of technology on all aspects of retail, from the in-store experience to the delivery of goods.

This allowed me to complete observational research, which we had learned about as part of our research methods seminars.

The conference was able to aid me by supplementing my research into the wider environmental and technological factors that might affect the way we interact.


Neto, F. (2016). Chic by Choice – as part of WIRED Retail.

Chic by Choice. (2016). Dress Hire and Evening Dress Hire | Rent a Dress at Chic by Choice. [online] Available at: https://chic-by-choice.com/en [Accessed 15 Dec. 2016].


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