Street Style

Week 3 – Wednesday 26th of October

Today we went out onto the streets in order to capture some street style images, which is a useful form of research for our trends and also a good way to observe the emerging styles that are present on the streets.

  • Which area of W1 / London did you work? Where did you go? Hotspot?
    • We worked around Carnaby Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden and Neal’s Yard as well as Soho.
Man wearing a mixture of vintage and new clothing.
  • Are there any trends emerging from Central London? Are they unique or generic?
    • There are several different trends we spotted in central London, firstly we noticed a lot of vintage and recycled clothing. Another prominent trend was a very casual, street style skater look.
      Woman in a Thrasher jumper, which is a skateboarding brand.
      Couple wearing skateboarding brands. I think this is the strongest image as it portrays both male and female street style, and also how people can belong to a sub-culture. 


      Man in vintage fur.

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